Cycling through North America

San Francisco - Prudhoe Bay (North coast of Alaska)


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On the occasion of the 5000st kilometer: The moskito rules2014-07-04

English Translation will be uploaded soon.... more

On the occasion of the 4000st kilometer: My hygene and laundry-sytem2014-06-25

English Translation will be uploaded soon.... more

On the occasion of the 3000st kilometer: North America, the continent of the bicycle-haters?

Before I started my tour, several people warned me about the american traffic: The cars are extremly big and cyclists unusual and probably out-of-favour. After I cycled in Italy and was treated pretty bad by motorists, I expected the worst.
When I finally arrived... more

On the occasion of the 2000st kilometer: How does this whole page work?05-25-2014

I passed the 2000km mark 2 days ago already which means time is up for a new blog entry on the front page. In the past days, many people asked me how this homepage works how I take my pictures and so on. Now I try to answer the most common ones here and explain the topic as "untechnical" as possible:

How do the daily entry make their way onto the page?
My page is pretty much working on its own. It is able to set up new report-pages and add maps and pictures. The only thing I need to do, is to fill in a big form similar to a guestbook entry and give all the data about a certain day: The reports, distance, coordinates and so on. The rest is done by the page.

Where do you get an internet connection
It is more or less 2 places which offer easy access to fast enough internet: McDonalds and Libraries. Normally I just start riding in the morning and stop at the first of these places and upload yesterdays report - which I write the evening before usually. This means that people are always reading my blog a little bit too late and I am already 100km further down the road...

How much time does the whole thing take?
Writing the reports usually takes around 30min. This includes the German and the English version (which is pretty small usually) as well as the selection of the pictures of the day. Filling in the form and uploading it takes usually another 10-30min (depending on the connection). Including all the mails, Whatsapp-messages and guestbook entries I reply to, the page takes more than 60min per day.
However I do only use basic equipment: I do not have a spelling correction and usually I do not even read the texts again after writing. I am sorry for all language mistakes and weird phrases.

Which camera do you use and how does it work with the pictures?
I take pictures with my very light sensitive Canon PowerShot G15. This is one of the best compact cameras aviable at the moment and offers all the manual
The pictures are never edited. When I upload them the server automatically compresses them to make it faster to open the page and look at the pictures.

Is it going to be the same all the time until the tour ends?
No. As soon as I get more into the wild, I won't have the possibility to upload daily reports anymore. I will still write them the in the same form but upload them 2-5 at a time.

How many people are visiting this page?
Since I started the tour approx. 800 different people visited the website. More than half of them returned regularly and in summary it is more than 9.500 clicks so far! Around 80% are German speaking and 15% English. I am very happy to see the big interest into this project.

Why do you even upload all this stuff onto a page?
The page is more important to me than to any reader. Since I am travelling on my own for more than 3 months this page helps me to do a short debreathing every day (when I write the report) and also reminds me that there are people somewhere, who are knowing, where I am and what I am doing at the moment.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to use the guestbook. I really appreciate every contact with readers!

On the occasion of the 1000st kilometer: The food challenge05-16-2014

Today my cycling computer counted the 450.000st rotation of my front wheel. This means I did the 1000st kilometer of the tour. In the past days I had an elevation gain of more than 33.000ft. On this occasion I would like to give you an idea of how much I am eating these... more

The time has come: I arrived in San Francisco today!05-01-2014

After 21h travelling I arrived in SF today and fortunately the bike also arrived without taking any damage. Despite the fact that I only slept about 5h in the past 48h I decided to cycle from the airport into town. After I assembled my bike in an official assembling sta... more

The countdown is running!03-28-2014

At the moment I am still 12'000km far away from San Francisco, but it is only one month left to go until I start cycling there. Right now I still enjoy my last 3 weeks in Southeast Asia (in Vietnam). Afterwards I'm returning to Switzerland, to un- and repack all my stuf... more

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