Cycling through North America

San Francisco - Prudhoe Bay (North coast of Alaska)


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On the occasion of the 5000st kilometer: The moskito rules2014-07-04

English Translation will be uploaded soon.... more

On the occasion of the 4000st kilometer: My hygene and laundry-sytem2014-06-25

English Translation will be uploaded soon.... more

On the occasion of the 3000st kilometer: North America, the continent of the bicycle-haters?

Before I started my tour, several people warned me about the american traffic: The cars are extremly big and cyclists unusual and probably out-of-favour. After I cycled in Italy and was treated pretty bad by motorists, I expected the worst.
When I finally arrived... more

On the occasion of the 2000st kilometer: How does this whole page work?05-25-2014

I passed the 2000km mark 2 days ago already which means time is up for a new blog entry on the front page. In the past days, many people asked me how this homepage works how I take my pictures and so on. Now I try to answer the most common ones here and explain the topi... more

On the occasion of the 1000st kilometer: The food challenge05-16-2014

Today my cycling computer counted the 450.000st rotation of my front wheel. This means I did the 1000st kilometer of the tour. In the past days I had an elevation gain of more than 33.000ft. On this occasion I would like to give you an idea of how much I am eating these days. I am the kind of person who always eats a lot but the calories these days are reaching new heights:

- 200g cereals = half pack (900cal)
- with 7dl milk (350cal)

- 250g pasta or rice (800cal)
- 200g meat (280cal)
- 200g tomato sauce (60cal)

Afternoon / Anytime
- 1-3 bars, e.g. snickers (500cal)
- protein Shake with 3dl milk (250cal)
- (a lot of) cookies / chips / ice cream (1000cal)

- 250g pasta or rice (800cal)
- 200g meat (280cal)
- 200g tomato sauce (60cal)

That's a very general listing. For example McDonalds-food is missing. However I already count significantly more than 5000 calories - that's as much as 2.5 "normal humans" are eating per day. What I cannot tell so far is, wheter or not I am gaining weight since the campgrounds do not provide balances. There is one guy I didn't reach yet: I've heard that Michael Phelps ate 8000-10.000 calories per day in his best days - that's still quite a bit of a way to go ;-)

The time has come: I arrived in San Francisco today!05-01-2014

After 21h travelling I arrived in SF today and fortunately the bike also arrived without taking any damage. Despite the fact that I only slept about 5h in the past 48h I decided to cycle from the airport into town. After I assembled my bike in an official assembling sta... more

The countdown is running!03-28-2014

At the moment I am still 12'000km far away from San Francisco, but it is only one month left to go until I start cycling there. Right now I still enjoy my last 3 weeks in Southeast Asia (in Vietnam). Afterwards I'm returning to Switzerland, to un- and repack all my stuf... more

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